another missed opportunity

June 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

We watched the movie “Legion” a couple of nights ago.  Aside from a couple of good thriller scenes (all of which were shown in the trailer), it was a lousy film — bad acting, worse writing — but we expected as much.  I would try to explain the plot to you, but it literally didn’t make any sense.

The biggest bummer was that a baby was born in the movie — a perfect opportunity to show a mother breastfeeding!  But of course not.  I guess I shouldn’t expect too much, especially considering that the baby was apparently not attached to the mother by an umbilical cord (another character caught the baby as he was born, wrapped him in a blanket, and walked away), there was no after-birth, and shortly after giving birth, the mother climbed a mountain.

Maybe next time, Hollywood.



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