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June 12, 2010 § Leave a comment


Our friends over at Mead-Johnson found a way to make formula even worse.  They came up with CHOCOLATE and VANILLA TODDLER FORMULA.

I have two main problems with it.  First of all: chocolate formula? Second of all: toddler formula?

Let’s see, when my kid decides he doesn’t like the taste of green vegetables, what should I do?  I know!  I’ll give him a sugary chocolate beverage!

MJ claims the beverage has “a superior nutritional profile to many other beverages typically consumed by toddlers, including apple juice, grape juice and similarly flavored dairy drinks.”  Let me tell you what my 1-year-old will not be drinking: apple juice, grape juice, and flavored dairy drinks.

He’ll be drinking breastmilk.

I was alerted by the Best for Babes blog.  They also link to a great write-up in The Atlantic.  And of course, Marion Nestle has some strong opinions.

I also learned from Marion Nestle’s Food Politics blog that the chocolate flavor was discontinued.  However, they continue to produce their amazing toddler formula in vanilla.


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