breastfeeding fun facts

August 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s time for another installment of Breastfeeding Fun Facts!

Today’s facts come from Pamela Wiggins’ useful little book Why Should I Nurse My Baby?

1. Breastfed babies have stronger and straighter teeth.  They probably won’t need braces.

2. A mother’s milk helps to promote better vision for her baby.

3. Because of the special way they suck on the breast, breastfed babies have fewer speech problems.


breastfeeding fun facts

June 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

It seems no matter how much I read about breast milk and breastfeeding, I’m always finding something new.  Here are some interesting tidbits I’ve read lately:

1. After a baby is born, the temperature of the mother’s breasts rises in order to regulate the baby’s body temperature, and as the baby is warmed, the breasts slowly cool back down.  This is one of the reasons skin-to-skin contact is so important immediately after birth.

2. If a mother experiences pain when trying to get the baby to latch on, it’s usually because the baby is latching incorrectly.  But taking the baby off the breast and trying over and over to latch him on properly can increase pain and frustration for mother and baby — and I can attest to this one from experience!  Instead, try to fix the latch that you have as best you can by pushing the baby’s bottom into your body with your forearm. The baby’s head is tipped back so the nose is in “sniffing position.”  If necessary, you might try gently pulling down the baby’s chin so he has more of the breast in his mouth.

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